This Ancient and Powerful Product Completely Cleared my Stretch marks in less than 21days and saved me from Embarrassment

Have you been there before?

Imagine not wearing that perfect wedding dress because it did not cover your legs very well. All because of the scars from my primary school days when I got injured during child’s play.

I had to choose another wedding gown to cover up. But there I was again just four months after childbirth and my breast and belly already have stretch marks.

I hate those things with passion.

The stretch marks were so big and deep like tribal marks. Looking so irritating and discomforting me.

My husband stopped having time for me.

Can you imagine been noticed for the wrong reason?
Walking through the grocery store in an amazing outfit but people don’t get to see the beautiful dress because they are distracted by those scars and stretch marks.

Some people who are not supposed to talk to you will start coming close to you in name of giving you advice.


What can I do?


I took all the advises, rubbed palm oil, rubbed ori, rubbed Chinese balm, applied everything I was asked to apply on my skin.

Did it get better?

For where?

It got even worse. I started having itches all over with redness all over my skin.

Then, just as I was about to give up, my cousin came home for Christmas and saved my life.

You know these abroad chicks. They don’t have time but… Thank God for Covid 19.

We had time to talk and I told her all my experience.

And that was the day my deliverance came.

I didn’t want to listen to her at first because I was tired of all those products that promises heaven and still not work. But she was my cousin, let me just try this last time.

And it worked finally!

Before the 8th day, my body was already cleaning up so fast. You can imagine my joy that day.

Gues what I did first… I drove down to that shop and picked two of that dress I have been admiring.

Sexy short gown with a sleeveless hand and open neck showing my God-given cleavages.

No more hiding nonsense or showing apology.

My husband is no longer going out every eveninng to God knows where.

I want to help you too

Anyways, after my ugly experience I understood what it feels like to look awkward. I understood how it feels to not even like yourself again.

I asked my sister to order 100 pieces of that ORIGINAL LABENA product again. I gave one to my sister in Abuja and all her friends rushed the whole thing and are asking for more.


Nawa oh. All these scars and stretch marks are very uncomfortable but I thought I was alone in this.

Imagine not wearing that perfect wedding 

Now, we have ordered extra 500 pieces of the ORIGINAL LANBENA SCAR AND MARKS SOLUTION and I am giving it out to you to clear all those discomforting marks on your body.

I want you to be happy and free like me too.

But it’s only 500 pieces and you know it’s First Come, First Served.

After the dollar increase and Covid problems, my cousin wanted to increase the prices but I begged and begged because this our Nigeria is not the same with abroad.


So, instead of the 

normal price of N20,000 

you will get it for 

ONLY N17,350 

and that’s not all

Hurry now, click the button to fill the form and we will send yours to you before we run out of stock again.

What you will get will get

I am adding something BIG to the pack for you. Life is about sharing. So, we are giving you a White Teeth formula that has worked for us too as FREE BONUS

What is a beautiful woman without white teeth?

Haba! That one no follow oh.

Don’t get carried away oh…

You are not the only one seeing this. And by the time you go and come back later, this page may be down already.

So, why wait?

And if you still need our help, you can chat us



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