You are a man but…

Can you satisfy your woman?

Imagine the babe in this picture

What does it mean when she says you should make her feel like a woman?

Do you think she just wants someone to jump on her and jump down after 3 minutes… breathing like you just saw a ghost?

Don’t be a weak man!

Because that statement means something different

“Make me feel like a woman means you should show her what you are capable of as a real man”

or don’t you know you are at risk?

A woman is soft and she wants it hard but all you could do is make her want to bite your penis in anger

You started what you can not finish and she has seen another reason to hate you


Another reason to think about another man

a man she always calls her “bestie”

She just found a shameful story to tell her fellow girls

then you wonder why her friends always look at you and smile anytime they see you

You took her to the climax and poured your weak sperm inside her just like that

that’s why she is angry and telling everybody like and angry customer who bought a fake product


Sometimes you wonder why she has not gotten pregnant when you actually thought she would be pregnant

The thing is that many men do not know their darling children were planted by another man

your beloved woman calls him the capable man just to shame you and your 1-minute shameful sex

Exactly! That’s how she sees it

As a woman she wants something strong but you have disappointed her not once not twice but every sexy time

And this is an unforgivable sin in a woman’s world

But it’s not your fault


Just that a typical woman does not understand

And instead of telling you about it, she chooses to get another strong and powerful penis outside


or she buys a secret sex toy to complete what you have always started but could not finish

But you should never talk to her about it 

She might just laugh and that will make you loose your temper

That will be more shameful

A woman does not need a sympathy talk


She needs Action!

I know you tried some drugs before


You even did those exercises for a big and strong penis but it did not really work


Don’t tell her about it, she will laugh at your effort

She will even tell you that she is not bothered about it

or that size does not matter

She  is lying to you!

She probably wants to make you feel alright

but she is getting it from somebody or something else

So, if you have any type of opportunity to make magic happen, and you blow it, then it’s all your fault

I mean “any type of opportunity

you keeping messing the whole thing up for her because your penis is too small

and you can not last

She leaves you…

and goes to another man

A real man who knows how to make her feel like a woman

But you don’t have to worry about it because

there is a way out!

And if you would like to know the solution to this embarrassment

Something that can turn your banana into a hardworking power bombing cassava


The perfect and final solution

that will boost your man power and shame the devil

What you need is the New Upgraded


an African Herbal Extract

that will turn your story around

nothing like you have seen before


this is for the real men!

If she wants you to make her feel like a ‘woman’, then


or do you want to be seen as a vegetable man? 

or you have given up all of a sudden and you want her to get a bestie? 


then gist with him daily about how you pour two drops of sperm after 3 seconds of getting to her promised land?




Instead, be the ‘New Man in Town’


And prove your worth by showing her you have arrived

Remember this is not Tramadol or those break and quench China products you see flying everywhere


this is real African solution for the African men

grab this


special made for you.

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