A Crazy But 100% Legal Deal With Us That Can Make You Minimum of N30,000 Weekly Without Any Marketing

Dear potential distributor,

We may not know how much you have in your account but… I know why you’re here so lets get to it quickly.

How is it possible that you get between N30,000 to N250,000 weekly profits selling products without any marketing?

Hmmm….I would like you to read through this page with an open mind.

I am saying this because what I am about to share with you clearly looks like another scam but I swear to you – it is not.

Look, The Deal is simple…

If we accept you as our distributor, It becomes our responsibility to send you products + buyers While you ensure efficient delivery to our customers. 

So, How Does It work?

1. We sell problem solving products that people will always rush to buy
2. You buy the products from us at very good discounts in bulk
3. Our team of digital marketers will then send you list of customers to buy from you at retail prices

In summary, we’re giving you both goods and customers to sell to. So, all you do is simply deliver to the customers and take cash on delivery

With this process, 30k minimum weekly profit is normal.

But Wait oh…This looks crazy. Why Do this? What’s In for the Company?

Good Question, my friend.

Now this is why we are doing this. 
Its not because we want to feed the world ☺

This is the logic.

We have a problem… Logistics

You see, Product Marketing and sourcing comes really easy for us.

But Logistics and delivery has been a major problem

Because we get orders from everywhere, it is hard sending single piece of our products everywhere because of waybill. It is not even profitable with the way the country is going.

So we decided to create a WIN – WIN situation.

We send you at least 10 – 30pcs at once, and then send the addresses of customers that are very close to you.

In this way, you are spending very little on transport to deliver.

And then the capital you’ll give us upfront will allow us spend more on marketing and get faster results

We can also import more and produce at cheaper prices since we have more money in our hands.

Does it make sense now?

Hmm…What if We Fail To Send Customers?

In very rare occasions where we’re unable to send customers within the stipulated timeframe, distributors can request for a capital refund of unsold items. This process takes about 2-3 weeks. The reason is to allow us to process the request and retrieve the items. This clearly makes this a risk-free opportunity.

There are some terms though…

1. Distributors must contact customers assigned and provide update at most 3hours after assignment.
2. Distributors must deliver to customers assigned at most 48hours.
3. Should 1 and 2 not happen, the customer will be assumed to have bought the ordered item.
4. The implication of 3 is that, should the customer not buy, ABC store will not send a replacement.

Okay, So What Are The Products?

Good Question

We need to first check a few things before revealing the products

1. Your Location To Know what product sells faster there
2. How much capital you have (minimum is 130,000)
3. If there’s a slot available for your own city

All of this means one thing…

This opportunity is not open to everyone and there are limited slots per city. 

So time is of essence – Hurry. 

How To Get Started

Step 1: Fill the form below
We will contact you and inform you if you are eligible.

Step 2: Get Approval Details and  Product
If you are approved for your city, you’ll get details of the products and payment details. After that we waybil your items to you.

Step 3: Pickup the Products and Deliver
Upon receipt of your items, we will send you products and customer details to deliver to them and take your money.

Cities & Slots

City / AreaNumber of Slots leftRemark
Lagos Mainland1 / 3Almost filled
Lagos VI1 / 2Filled
Lekki Ajah1/3 

Fill the Form Below to Apply

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Your Full Name
🚫 Please Do Not Apply If You Are Not Ready or You Do Not Have Money
How Much Can You Start With?
Example: 23 Obafemi street Surulere, Lagos

About Our Company

Since October 2019, Ife Solutions Ltd has been in actively involved in selling problem solving products primarily to Nigerians, Kenyans, Ugnadans & Ghanaians.

Our products are mostly sourced from China, UK and sometimes the US.

Led by Mr. Alex, We’ve done over N190M+ in revenue.

Our distributors have made this possible and have made at least half of that sum for themselves.

You should join us ☺

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