How far can you see?

Some times, you need to see things far away without going there. But how can you do that?

It is very important for privacy or security reasons.

You need to see what is going on there without showing yourself or going close

This is why you need Clear Vision Telescope

With Clear Vision Telescope, you can spy and follow your cheating partner without being caught. You will have a full recorded proof in case they doubt you.

Just clip it to any camera phone at all and start seeing everything clear from very far distance.

This device is good for everybody, student, husband, wife, driver, even Police, Soldier, LASTMA and any law enforcement person that needs to follow offenders and capture original evidence.

Journalists and Activists can use this device to grab video clips, to confirm details and suspicions without being harassed by others.

Students can use this for research and photographers can use it to enhance their skills

See what others are saying


Don’t wait till everything goes wrong. This is the new safe method to see without been seen

If you need to explore nature, teach children, go camping or monitor staff and office activities from far away, then this is the best device for you.

No need for battery or power bank, just clip and use

This devices clips properly on your smartphone and you can begin to adjust the distance to see all the secrets and data you have been looking for.

LIMITED Quantity Available

and we are delivering this device on

First-Come First-Serve Order

This Clear Vision Telescope is made with everyone in mind. No technical skills needed. Even my 3 years boy and my aged grandma can use this device.

Why you should order immediately

1. Price goes up after 50 sales.

2. We have a limited quantity.

3. You get FREE DELIVERY today.

5. You are not the only one on this page right now.

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Want More?

You will get FREE Delivery plus a FREE Vision Protect Eye Care Sunglasses suitable for night driving and protection from sun rays

Each package contains 

*  Clear Vision Telescope 

*  Vision Protect Sunglasses

*  CVT cleaning cloth

*  Multipurpose Phone Clip

*  Lens Protect Covers

How much? 

Normal Price – N34,000


Anniversary Giveaway


Limited Quantity

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Vision Protect Glasses can be use by both male and female and even if you have medicated glasses, this new Vision Protect glasses blends on your prescription glasses easily.

Now you can drive without worries of light flashes at night.

Get The Combo Pack Now

Clear Vision Telescope + Vision Protect Glasses and FREE Home Delivery

Where should we deliver your package?

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