Our Story


It was a rainy day while going home for dinner. I saw them sitting by the side of the road cold and shivering. They had not coat on them and you could tell they were sister from their faces.

They had no where to turn to after being thrown out for breaking a jar the previous day.

We went shopping some cloths and groceries that evening but then I began to reflect on how  many young girls around the globe have been displaced and neglected to ruin in the streets. How many of them who would have become the stars of the world have been denied the opportunity of reaching their “peak”.

Just so many of them to count that I and my friends decided to start up a business to help young boys and girls get education and reach their peak early in life

40% of proceeds from these sales are shared and distributed to orphanage homes and NGOs where young boys and girls are taken care of.

Would you like to support this course of kindness?

Please order a product today and you would have done a lot or send us a message if you would like to make a direct donation.

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Alex Ife